Electrical Power Quality Consultancy

Engineering and consulting services for electrical power system operation


  • Electrical power system simulation and analysis
  • Accurate simulation using experimental identification
  • Practical solutions to operational power system problems
  • Transient voltage suppression in high-voltage power systems
  • Solutions to power quality and harmonics problems
  • Power system protection, control, and automation
  • Description:

    CPE-Consultores is a Chilean company with many years of experience with electrical power systems, solving such practical problems as power system transients, harmonic resonance, high-voltage instrumentation, power factor studies, transformers with saturation, capacitor switching breakers, static var compensators, synchronous and induction machines, and frequency-dependent transmission systems modeling. For more information and practical examples, please visit our Web site.

    CPE-Consultores has a team of experts with extensive on-the-job exposure to utilities and industries covering a wide range of electrical power applications, including analysis of equipment failure, reactive compensation requirements, industrial and electrical power, and transmission utilities.

    Application Areas:

    • Architecture/construction
    • Data acquisition
    • Data analysis/modeling
    • Energy systems
    • Manufacturing
    • Petrochemical
    • Process control/monitoring
    • Utilities


    Calidad de Potencia Eléctrica
    Postal Code 7860342
    Valenzuela Llanos 8680
    Tel: (+56) 2 2716 0529
    E-mail: cpe@inet.cl
    Web: www.cpe.cl